The One Thing I’m Glad Someone Told Me as a First-Time Mom


When you’re pregnant or a new mom, it feels like you have a sign on your forehead that says, “Give me unwarranted advice, please.” While some of it you quickly discard, there are several things people tnewborn baby old me that I appreciated when I was going through new experiences as a mom. I really liked hearing this bit about bonding with your baby.

I always heard that from the second you hold your baby for the first time, you’ll be madly in love. So when I wasn’t super attached in the hospital (I had no problem letting him be in the nursery so I could sleep), I started to worry. But then my friend told me, “Falling in love with your baby is just like falling in love with any other human being. Sometimes it’s love at first sight and sometimes it takes a little while.”

Don’t worry, after a couple of weeks, I couldn’t get enough of the little bean — but these words made me feel better about the first couple of days after he was born.

Did you fall in love with your baby at first sight or did it take a little while to feel attached?

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