One of My Favorite Mom Milestones

I was just away from my family for a few days on a business trip, which is always hard for me. I hate to say goodbye, and I find myself thinking of the kids the whole time I’m away. (Ok, almost the whole time.) “Ooh, ‘Big’ would love this place!” Or, “I wonder what ‘Pink’ would say if she saw this.” I can’t help it. I’m a mom first.

amy & pink

Well, it turns out that being gone wasn’t too hard, because I was in for a real treat this trip. When I called home to chat with the kids, it was the first time I could really have a phone conversation with my (not-so) baby girl. I could really and truly understand what she was saying. Gone were the days of constant beeping because all she really wanted to do was play with the phone.

No, her, “Hi Mama!” could have easily been mistaken for her 4-year-old brother. I asked yes or no questions and got clear, definitive (and totally precious) answers.

But the best thing she said? Well, there’s just no question.

“I love youuu!”

I love you, too, sweet girl. I love you, too.

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