One Day My Child, You Will Be: A Newborn Photo Series by Malo

When I first came across Malo’s work (first name only!), I was immediately smitten and amused. The idea behind his series of photos taken of his 3-month-old baby girl, June, is that we can’t know what out children will become.

He shared with me, “One day my son told me that he wanted to be an explorer when he grew up. My daughter, on the other hand, was set on becoming an artist. It made me wonder what they would really become. I thought about how parents used to decide their children’s futures for them. If we envisioned a military career, we’d push our children to become notaries, lawyers and doctors. Today your profession is still important, but it’s only one thing among many. We can hope for our children to become symbols and icons: an athlete, a Miss Something or a rock star. I found the idea amusing and decided I’d have to make it into a photo series. The birth of my last daughter gave me the opportunity.”

What a fun and brilliant idea! He executed it quite masterfully and has agreed to share his series with the DB readers here today. Enjoy!

  • One Day My Child, You Will Be..

    One Day My Child, You Will Be..

    Click through to see this adorably touching Newborn series by Malo Photography!

  • "The Surfer"

    The question is, would you be okay with your baby growing up wanting to be a surfer?

  • "The Toreador"

    This would be an adorable newborn costume. Just sayin’. Perhaps Malo’s wife who helped make a number of these costumes will share her secrets with us!

  • "The Boxer"

    Obviously Photoshop had a hand in this one, so don’t get too offended! I love it.

  • "The Dancer"

    I mean…come on. A mini prima ballerina to steal your hearts.

  • "The Cardinal"

    This one had me laughing out loud. Another amazing Halloween costume idea, dare I say.

  • "The Fisherman"

    Way. Too. Cute. I love that Malo didn’t choose gender specific ideas on what male and female careers should be, showing me that he’s a pretty open minded dad!

  • "The Super-Hero"

    Babies have been known to have soul saving capabilities, it’s true.

  • "The Stewardess"

    Malo said that he would do very short rounds of shooting so that June didn’t get tired. I think June will treasure these photos when she’s older!

  • "The Butcher"

    My favourite. A female butcher. Yes please.

  • "The Doctor"

    Another example of excellent Photoshop skills! Malo revealed that since June was only 3 months old when he did this series, he clearly wouldn’t put anything on here face (as with the super-hero and Toreador images).

  • "The Lawyer"

    Every family needs a good lawyer after all.

  • "The Monk"

    Can girls be monks? I’m not sure, but either way this is fantastic.

All photos used with permission via Malo Photography.
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