The One Baby Item I Use All Summer Long!

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me a Mickey Mouse 5-oz. Learner Cup from NUK for free.

Summer is a great time to be a parent, because the weather is wonderful, which means plenty of outdoor play time – especially of the splashy variety. Since we live in the Pacific Northwest where the weather is much cooler for most of the year, we take full advantage of the sun when it’s out.

Basically, if the day is sunny, you can be pretty much guaranteed to find us outside splashing around and/or making a mess of some sort as we enjoy the great outdoors. Running (or crawling) through the sprinklers, pouring water back and forth between buckets, breaking out the kiddie pool, heading to our nearby neighborhood splash pad, digging in dirt and sand, picking berries, and rolling in the grass…the opportunities for outdoor summer fun are endless.

BUT…with all this outdoor fun, you’ve got a recipe for plenty of summertime messes. Carrying soggy, sandy swimsuits and towels around in a diaper bag – not a super fun time (a ruined leather wallet and sand in my cell phone comes to mind…). But, then I discovered the magic that is the wet bag and my life was forever changed.

OK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but they’re pretty awesome! I always thought wet bags were just for people who cloth diapered, but they’re totally invaluable for so many other baby situations as well!

I literally use my wet bag all summer long for a variety of uses, but here are just a few:

1. Toting wet swimsuits. This one is pretty obvious, but seriously so amazing. How did I ever survive without this?


The One Baby Item I Use All Summer Long!2. Containing soiled clothes. The clothing from diaper disasters now have a place to be contained. No more mess, no more smell. The rest of the car passengers and the inside of my purse are super thankful.

3. Holding “sweaty” water bottles. My kids like their water to be icy cold, but the result of this is that the condensation ends up sweating onto the other items in my purse or diaper bag. Now I can just throw them in the wet bag though, and it’ll catch all the condensation.

4. Storing valuables. Wet bags are great for keeping my phone and/or camera in when we’re at the splash pad or the beach. Keeps all of the important items contained and sand/water/dirt free!

5. Compartmentalizing. At least half the time I opt to carry a purse instead of a diaper bag, but this can be a problem when I’m dropping my kids off with grandparents or at our church’s nursery. I would often end up just handing over a stack of loose items – clothes, diapers, wipes, snacks – it was a mess! Now I can just toss the kid essentials in the wet bag and hand over the whole thing without having to dig around in my purse or leave them with a pile of disorganization.

6. Keeping toys, markers, & other distractions. One of my favorite uses for my wet bag is to fill it with fun activities for my kids to do while we’re at restaurants, waiting rooms, or the like. They’re great for keeping markers in, because if they end up bleeding, the mess will stay contained. I learned this the hard way after experiencing the tragedy of ruining my favorite purse. Red marker is the worst!

As far as wet bags are concerned, we love this Disney Baby one from Bumkins (similar at right). My kids love the Disney characters on it and I love that it keeps my life a little more organized and mess-free. These bags are actually wet/dry bags, so you can store extra dry clothes and other items in the outside pockets and keep the wet items separate in the main compartment. Brilliant!

If you and your littles love water play as much as we do, you definitely need to add one of these wet/dry bags to your summer must-have checklist!

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