On Second Children and Making Room

When I met my first born I was certain that was it. There was no way I could love as much as I did at that moment. Motherhood changed the very essence of who I was causing me to love without ceasing, without limits, without abandon. Over the course of our journey together I would come to see that each day I would love her more than I did before. Just when I thought my life and my heart couldn’t get fuller I found myself loving her even more than I already did.When I became pregnant years later it was difficult to fathom loving another child as much as I loved my firstborn. Her very existence changed my life in miraculous ways, each of those ways changing it for the better. I wondered if my heart was capable of feeling such a deep love again. I knew that I would love my child, that I would cherish the sweet gift I was being given in the form of a baby but wondered if my heart could make room.


With each passing day I became increasingly grateful for the miracle that was taking place inside my belly. After a scare I found myself unable to imagine life without the little one who had begun to change our lives from the moment we knew of her existence. At that time I had yet to know for certain if I was having a boy or girl. I had an inkling but I also had something else. More room. Although our eyes had yet to meet, I was already so deeply in love.

Often our first born causes a mother to love in ways she never knew were possible. We immerse ourselves into the art of loving and we do it without abandon. We believe that there is no way we could ever love as much as we do at that moment and yet in the next moment we find that we can because we do. Our second child often teaches us that while as mothers our hearts often feel full they are never too full. We can make room — room to love the next love of our life without measure and with as much fervor as the first. Perhaps differently but no less.

I can’t imagine my life without our sweet Lola – the littlest love of my life. I can’t imagine my heart without the space that is filled with immeasurable love for her. My life seemed so full and yet she fit right in. Again my life was changed for the better because I allowed my heart to do what it was predisposed to do — I made room.

Pregnant with your second child? Don’t fret, you too will make room.

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