On Recreating the Magic

Ever so often we are presented with a chance to recreate magic.


This month I was given the opportunity to do that. Our family traveled to the Magic Kingdom in celebration of Lola’s second birthday. We were dressed in smiles, as was she. But she was also dressed in her big sister’s Minnie Mouse dress. The dress her sister wore almost eight years before when we went to Disneyland to celebrate her second birthday.

My heart flooded with memories of that day, and so many times I looked at Lola and felt like I was seeing my oldest all over again.

I had been given another chance to experience the joy of being a mother to a little person. And now I had the wherewithal to chew more slowly and savor the sweet taste that babyhood and toddlerhood is. Knowing that even the bitter parts are a gift.

I never could have dreamt up something as wonderful as celebrating my littlest love alongside my first love — the one who made me a mother, and my husband.

I was reminded that day to seize those opportunities that life presents us with. Each moment that we are given is one-of-a-kind. Once it is gone, it is gone. But its magic can live on — in stories and in those rare moments when we are given a chance to recreate a memory. The magic is in those times when we get to go back and reminisce about moments past and concurrently live in a new one — doing so more slowly, because it will be gone before we know it. We know to savor its sweetness and chew beyond the bitter.

I don’t know what the future holds for that little sparkly polka dotted dress. But what I do know is that it served as a tangible reminder to celebrate the gift of time. To create and recreate when you are given the chance to. To enjoy the process of writing your life story and the story of your babies’ childhoods, because before you know it that’s all you’ll have – the stories and the memories. The once upon a time.

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