One Reason to Be Grateful for Short Naps


My Baby Takes Catnaps and Power NapsOccasionally, my Lola has mercy on her mama and sleeps for a significant amount of time — an hour and a half to two hours.

Usually. However, she often “power naps.” She’ll fall asleep, and after what feels like two minutes, she’ll be up again, wide-eyed and scanning the room, with tears commencing moments later when she realizes I’m not beside her.

Every so often I am able to get her back to sleep, but usually I can’t — she’s up and eager to babble and play. They don’t call them “power naps” for nothing, I suppose.

At almost 8 months old, we are still striving to establish a more consistent schedule. Being a mother of two, I’ve quickly learned that not everything is easier the second time around. Some things are and some aren’t. Lola is an entirely different person than her big sister, and in many ways, I am too. I’m still learning about my baby girl and at the same time engaging in some self-discovery in my role as a mother.

So short naps sometimes give way to moments of frustration, as I close my laptop and realize work will have to wait a little longer or the laundry may not get folded just yet. But they also give way to beautiful smiles when our eyes meet and I can sweetly whisper “Mama’s here” as I gently scoop her into my arms. And then there’s the laughter — from me. I can’t help but laugh as I watch her developing into her own person.

I must admit that watching her slumber — whether it’s a 30-minute power nap, a one- or two-hour miracle nap — is all quite amazing and a gift in itself.

And the fact that I often get to be the first face she sees when she awakens is surely a reason to be grateful.

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