On How Much My Husband Loves Having a Girl

“My sweet girl,” I hear my husband say to Little L, before turning to me and saying, “I never imagined having a girl!”

My husband is one of three brothers and he grew up in a very male-centric world. He has female cousins, but they are not that close, and before our daughter was born he was a bit worried about having a girl, saying, “I don’t know what to do with a girl!”


Of course, his fears have been settled, but every day he learns and loves Little L even more. Now, he goes ga-ga for Little L. She can do no wrong and he is already imagining all of the fun things they are going to do together. And she loves her papi! She will only sit still with him; they watch TV together and just cuddle.

She reaches up to place her chubby hand on his cheek, or she’ll grab his long nose — but they have a thing and I’m enjoying watching their relationship blossom. I see how much love he has for her, and she goes crazy when she sees him — jumping up and down in her crib and she is all smiles when papi is nearby.

I was never a daddy’s girl, I didn’t have a special relationship with my father. It wasn’t bad either, but I was always a mommy’s girl — her best friend and her helper. So I want to encourage my husband to have a special relationship with her and create lasting memories.

Because every girl loves her daddy — and my husband loves his little girl!

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