8 Ways I Nurture and Bond With My Daughter

You guys. I have a daughter. A little mini-me, as it turns out.

I always thought I wanted a girl. When I was pregnant with my first, that is. You know — that quiet part of yourself that you don’t admit to anyone else. Because they ask. Oh they ask.

Which is fine, really. In retrospect — I don’t know why we all get our knickers in a knot over everything being so incredibly personal. Admitting our wishes on baby gender doesn’t have to be shameful thing.

Toddler Girl

Because after our babies are born? We fall in love. Head over heels. I know I did. I reveled in the company and the nurturing of my little man. Still do. For all of that, there is something undeniably special about a mother / daughter relationship.

Below are the top 8 ways I nurture my daughter and bond with her. Sometimes it’s hard work, sometimes it’s effortless, joyful and natural.

1. Breastfeeding
I’ve had my fair share of struggles with BF’ing (with both of my babes), but I stayed the course and was able to breastfeed until Abby was about 9 months old.

2. Baby-wearing
From day one. I’m sad to say that our baby-wearing days came to end about two months ago. I have a bad back and girl was just getting too heavy to haul around like that. Also? She is WAY too independent for that. She won’t have it. She wants to be running and walking wherever and whenever she can.

3. Outdoors
From infancy, taking long walks and bike rides have been a near daily occurrence. The result has been a little girl who loves the outdoors; the beach, sledding, nature walks, exploring nature, new people and trying new sporty games and activities.

4. Sensory & Role Play
Abby is currently full-on into dressing up, all kinds of role-play and her new sensory bins. (She and her brother both.) I must admit I’m having a lot of fun making new costumes for her and discovering new textures and play scenes to put in their bins.

5. Music & Dance
Girl loves to shake her bootie and is starting to develop a genuine ear (Natural or inherited? Her dad and grandpa are musicians after all.) She also has a talent for singing and a connection to rhythm. We have daily dance parties — whether they be in the morning or in the evening, one is bound to happen. We get crazy with it and she loves it!

6. Reading & Cuddling
She’s turning into quite the cuddle bug, something which I think she’s picked up on from her bro because she wasn’t always as affectionate as he. She’s noted the goodness of it all and wants in on that action. Which I, of course, happily oblige.

7. Developing a Mother-Daughter Routine
We get dressed, brush our teeth and do hair together. Sometimes she picks out my shoes or what colour lip balm I put on. It’s in the little things.

8. I Let Her Imitate Me
Imitation is a wonderful form of flattery, indicating that my girl is learning from me and taking many of her cues from me. I invite her to mimic me whenever she wants, which means watching what I say and setting a good example as often as I can. I especially try to set good examples of body image to her, even at her young age. I kiss myself in the mirror and tell myself that I’m so smart, pretty sure, but SO SASSY AND SO SMART. She likes that.

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