On Being Silly

How often have you stopped yourself from acting like a complete goofball around your little ones? How may times have you gotten so caught up in the act of “grown-up” parenting, daily responsibilities, and the stress that comes along with it all?

Lately, those two down there have reminded me of how very important it is to Just. Let. Go.

Baby & Toddler Laughing

To lead by example, not so much in how we govern ourselves accordingly, all mature and proper-like, but more-so in how we run wild and free. Kiss the dirt. Make mud-pies. Roll around in the grass. Make ridiculous faces. Act like a hooligan in general. Tapping into a a long-forgotten reserve of outlandish, magical, silliness.

Only we can give that to our kids. We are the very best toys that they could ever have. There might not always be time to give them our undivided attention — but when we find those pockets, activities don’t always have to be organized and contrived. Engaging in some good old-fashioned horse-play, noise-making and general tom-foolery will bring the very best sparkle to their eyes and widest grins to their faces.

The best part is that we can begin this type of parenting, silly parenting; from birth. We all know babies are fascinated with our faces, touching them, staring into them, and yes; sticking their fingers up our noses and jabbing our eyes too.


Tap into your inner child. You know you’ve still got it.

You’ll be surprised at the release and joy that it brings you too. (If you, like me, needed a friendly reminder.)

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