4 Things You Realize Once You’re Outnumbered by Your Kids

It wasn’t long after the birth of my third child that a well-meaning friend of my husband’s made the comment we’d come to hear again and again: “You’re outnumbered now. You’ll have to switch from man-to-man coverage to a zone defense.” He chuckled knowingly under his breath, himself a father of four.

I’m not much of a basketball fan but I picked up what he was putting down. And while sometimes I feel like parenting is a contact sport where I play the role of defense AND referee, I see the positives in being “outnumbered.”

  • You Give Up on Perfection

    There is No Such Thing as Perfection

    When you’re outnumbered, you quickly learn that there’s no such thing as “perfect parenting.” You do your best every day and realize that there will be mistakes, but that you have another shot at it tomorrow.

  • You Celebrate the Small Victories...

    It's Best to Celebrate the Small Victories...

    Three little pairs of matching shoes or getting out the door on time?
  • You Embrace the Silliness

    You Might as Well Embrace the Silliness

    Let’s face it…kids are funny. When you have three kids, getting that perfect photo is next to impossible, so you take what you can get. Embrace the silliness!

  • You Learn the True Meaning of Teamwork

    Teamwork is the Name of the Game

    Until we had three kids, my husband and I often worked in separate parenting spheres, each focusing on one child. Now that we’re outnumbered, we’ve had to learn how to really communicate and are a better team than ever!

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