On Being a Health Nut Who Lets the Candy Happen on Halloween

As much as I think that sugar is the devil, I’m surely not going to keep my little ones from enjoying Halloween! I’ve been reading some of the thoughts of some from my favourite health-food and traditional food bloggers, and while I respect them for all of their knowledge and kindness in sharing of that vast knowledge with their readers, I can’t get behind the Halloween candy boycott.


I can get behind giving them less, yes. I mean, a toddler doesn’t need much candy to drive them into no-man’s land and they’re happy with just a little bit. The joy of Halloween for our family isn’t all about the candy anyways. We love to dress up, read spooky/silly books, make crafts, and engage in sensory play all revolving around the Halloween theme.

So since there’s not a big build-up of expectation about gorging out on candy, I suppose that’s something I have to look forward to as they’re influenced more in school / with their friends.

Besides, it’s not like I’m actually going to let them eat all of the junk they collected (albeit the small amount that their little bags garnered). I’m not into the idea of baking it into treats, since we’re lovers of sugar-free baking over here (especially since I just found out I have high blood sugar and an under-active thyroid. Ah, the joys of aging?) I’ll probably toss most of it away, like we did last year. Is this wrong? Surely it can’t be seen as wasteful. What are your thoughts? What do you do with all of the leftover candy from Halloween?


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