Olympic Playtime: Gold Medal Games With Baby!

In our house, it is pretty much Olympics central: the 2014 Olympic Games are on our TV pretty much every hour they’re being broadcast. My husband and I have always loved the Olympics, and Larry was so excited to watch the Opening Ceremony with Judah last week. Even though Judah may be just a nine-month-old infant, he’s already full of Olympic spirit and determination as he works to achieve all kinds of developmental and motor milestones with every day.

To help keep that gold medal spirit going, we’ve been adding all sorts of Olympic-inspired activities to playtime. Here’s a peek at some of our more adventurous activities!

  • Go for the Gold!

    Go for the Gold!

    The Olympics are such a wonderful opportunity to help us teach Judah about perseverance, athleticism (or really, gross motor skills at this point), and even different world cultures as the world comes together to celebrate Olympians from around the globe!

    Get in on the gold medal spirit with these Olympics-inspired games with baby.

  • Gymnastics: Rings

    Gymnastics: Rings

    Even from an early age, Judah’s been practicing for his own personal Olympics. Here he is on the rings at 3 months old, working on his upper body strength by pulling on links attached to the activity bar over his playmat.

  • Gymnastics: Floor (Crib) Routine

    Gymnastics: Floor (Crib) Routine

    Judah loves to roll around, especially when he first wakes up in the morning or right after a nap. We love trying to encourage him to roll in particular directions. He’s even surprised us just once now by sitting himself up in his crib!

  • Gymnastics: Balance Beam

    Gymnastics: Balance Beam

    Anytime we go to pick up Judah, he loves to stand up on his feet. We take his gross motor skills up a notch by getting him to balance on one of our legs. If we really want to make it a challenge, we’ll bounce our knees as we hold his arms as he tries to remain upright.

  • Timed Teetering

    Timed Teetering

    While he hasn’t yet figured out how to pull himself up, if we can get Judah in a standing position, he can stand unassisted for quite some time! A fun game to help your little one build strength, try to see if baby can stand without help for longer and longer periods of time (while hovering close by to catch them from any spills).

  • Stuffed Animal Boxing

    Stuffed Animal Boxing

    Since he’s not mobile enough to catch the cats, Judah can practice his boxing skills against his giant stuffed lamb! He’s yet to lose a match ;)

  • Competitive Stacking

    Competitive Stacking

    While it’s still a little early for Judah to be stacking objects, he’s started getting the idea as I stack blocks and bowls for him. Right now, he’s got the gold medal in knocking them over!

  • Baby Crawling Slalom

    Baby Crawling Slalom

    The goal is simple: set up a series of obstacles for baby to crawl through – it’s just like the slalom competition in alpine skiing! Sadly, Judah hasn’t qualified for these finals yet… we’ve gotta get him crawling first!

  • Competitive Napping

    Competitive Napping

    After a long day of Olympic training, we round out our playtime with one of Judah (and my) favorite activities… competitive napping! Who can nap longer? Well, let’s just say I’ve got a whole shelf of gold medals in napping already!

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