Old School Nursery Trends: Which Ones Would You Bring Back?

Just like clothing styles are always changing, the same goes for nursery designs. Each year, a new nursery trend comes along. Some of these trends are beautiful and brilliant — while others maybe should’ve never come back.

I took a poll recently on my Facebook page asking what my friends’ nurseries looked like when they were babies (mostly in the ’80s and ’90s) and the answers were everything from hilarious to hideous!

Here were some of my favs. What do you think? Would you consider any of these throwback nursery themes for your little one?

1. Clowns. Aaaahh! I was born in 1986 and my mom chose this theme. From the changing pad cover and crib bedding to the mobile hung on the wall, it was all clown everything. Apparently it was quite popular back then, as a lot of my friends mentioned the same thing. I’ll never forget this one toy I had that was basically just a stuffed animal-style clown head that you would wind up under its neck to play a lullaby. YES. Just a clown head! What the heck?! Who would make that, let alone BUY IT?! I say this theme should be locked away in a vault, never to return.

2. The vintage look. You know all those crocheted booties and bibs your grandma made as wall decor, that were paired with handmade quilts for the crib? And those hand-sewn and stuffed dolls? Top ’em off with a silver rattle and you’ve got a nursery that can stand the rest of time. I say bringing this one back is never a bad idea. And what would make Grandma prouder?


2. Balloons galore. I’m not even sure what they’re called – but remember those puffy, three-dimensional blankets that were really “in” for nurseries in the ”90s? That had a balloon bouquet on them filled with every pastel color imaginable? These nurseries were usually decorated with all pastels. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been a HUGE fan of pastels. However, I don’t mind a slight pop of pastel in a neutral nursery. The balloons though… I’m not sure about those. What do you say? Vault or bring back?

3. Disney-themed nurseries. These were a big hit! A bunch of my friends had Minnie Mouse themes or Disneyland themes. Some had Cinderella’s castle painted on their walls and others had pink and red polka dot designs for Minnie. And a lot of my friends said Winnie The Pooh was really popular when they were born. Disney trends never seem to go out of style, so I definitely think those should NEVER go into the vault.

4. Lambs. This was the other most popular response! There was a lot of white with very light pastel pink touches and light cream colors. Tons of ruffles and very shabby chic. Light oak furniture was rather popular back then, but I think if the lamb thing came back today, it would have more of that “distressed furniture” look. I think the lamb trend is worth bringing back. Do you agree?

5. Flowers. The late ’90s gave a lot of love to dark colors and florals — like navy and hunter green with pops of bright flowers. Floral-patterned crib sheets and bumpers were very popular, as well as ruffled pillow covers that were hand-sewn. There were a lot of those fabric teddy bears that were made from floral-printed cottons. Remember those? I don’t think I would bring back the floral theme if I ever have a girl but I do love those signs that have cute sayings on top of a flower bouquet. That would be about as floral as I could get. I say, the overdone flowers should be locked in that vault with the clowns.

How about you? Which nursery trend are you loving right now? Which trend from decades before would you bring back and which ones scare you as much as clowns scare my friend Alyssa? Let me know in the comments!

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