Oh, What a Difference a Month Makes!


Miss Margot is 1 month old now. I can hardly believe an entire month has passed since the day she came into the world. Like it always does, time has flown by again. My girl has gotten so big (10 lbs 4 oz!) and is beginning to have more of a personality, too. She’s on somewhat of a schedule (if you can call it that!) and is adjusting to life with 2 big sisters. We’re all into a rhythm of sorts and have certainly gotten used to having MJ around. (Her full name is Margot Joan, so sometimes we call her MJ for short!) Here are a few things about Margot’s first month…

**I’ve been taking photos of Margot every week to document her growth. I’m hoping to continue this all the way until her first birthday. If you’d like to follow along and see all of the pictures, search the hashtag #weeklymarge on Instagram. 

All in all, Margot is a peach. She’s nursing well, gaining lots of weight. She sleeps all day long and only fusses a little bit at night when it’s time to go to bed. She loves being outside and I think she loves the attention she gets from her big sister, even if they smother her every once in awhile.

As a family, we’re adjusting well. Margot loves snuggling with her dad. The big girls love helping me with diapers and burp rags. I’m slowly but surely figuring out life with 3 kids. Despite the sleep deprivation, I’m finally feeling more like myself again, too. It really is amazing what a difference a month makes!

Now I’ll go wipe away my big ugly tears as I pack up the newborn clothes… :(

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