Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Dreaming about what the future holds for Baylor is something I find myself doing often these days. His personality has developed in a way that I had never anticipated. He’s everything and nothing that I thought he would be. In the most amazing of ways.

The other day we were sitting in church and I swear Baylor always knows exactly what is going on. He will often sit and babble along with the preacher. He gets very enthused. Most days he will walk up to you and just mumble out the most elaborate story. No one can understand him, but he knows exactly what he is saying. I think to myself when he does that, maybe one day he will be someone who is of great influence. Whether it be a professor or a preacher. Maybe what he says will one day move mountains. It’s amazing to think of the possibilities.


Baylor’s most favorite thing in the world is to play basketball. At one year old he can throw the ball up and catch it. I can throw the ball to him (a full-sized basketball) and he can catch it with ease. It is fun to think that maybe one day he will go on to play professionally. Although, he’s not that tall so I would proud to see him as a coach. He would be a great coach.

His mind works in ways that mine doesn’t. He is great at solving puzzles and catching onto things, just like his daddy. So maybe he will be like his daddy. Maybe he will be able to create and build things the same. Maybe he will be an architect.

He loves with the purest of heart. He is kind and caring. Maybe his will find an ordinary job and be an amazing husband to one lucky girl. Maybe he will be the best dad there has ever been.

Either way, I want for him what will make him the happiest. I can think up possibilities all day. I just want him to have what I have been so blessed to have, happiness. At the end of the day that is all a mama wants for their baby. For them to be happy, to experience their happiness with them, and to praise them for it.

Fellow mamas, what are your hopes and dreams for baby?

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