Oh Happy Day!

At the end of most days I find myself looking back on what happened during the day and wishing I would have done something differently when it comes to parenting Baylor. Sometimes it is pretty significant things and sometimes its the tiniest of details that I wish I could change. The great thing about kids is that they always have a way of reassuring you that you are doing the best you can.


After Baylor’s birthday he picked up on something that he heard throughout that whole day. At the end of that day it caught us all by surprise when we heard him say, “Happy Day!” I became even more surprised when I realized that it seemed that he knew exactly what that meant, too. If he was excited to see someone or got his favorite snack just like that he would spout out “Happy Day! Happy Day!”

As a mom, I am my worst critic. I sometimes feel like I could do better. Sometimes I wonder if I am enough. I am often comparing my parenting styles to others. It is easy to get caught up in the things that we think we are doing wrong rather than realizing the things that we are doing so right. I suddenly realized, if my 1 year old knows kind of what the phrase “Happy Day” means and always says it at the most perfect time, maybe these “mistakes” that I reflect on every day aren’t so bad. Maybe what I am doing is just right for me and my baby. Thankfully, my sweet Bay always knows how to reassure me that what I am doing is just enough.

Fellow Mama Bears, what are the little things your babes do to remind you that you are rocking parenthood?!

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