The Two Pictures I Will Treasure Forever

picturesThere are a few treasures in our house that I hold a little closer to my heart than others.

One of those is a picture frame with two very special pictures in it.

One of the pictures is from September 6th, 1982 and one of the pictures is from September 13th, 2010. My mom took a picture of Dad bringing me into the house when they first brought me home from the hospital. I was wrapped in a hand knitted blanket that my mom’s friend made.

I love this picture because my dad looks so happy.

At my baby shower, my mom gave me that same blanket. She had kept it all those years! It was washed, folded, and tied up with a pink ribbon.

picturesI cried like a baby when I opened it. I couldn’t wait to try to recreate that same picture when we brought our daughter home from the hospital.

The picture of my husband holding our daughter wrapped up in the same blanket fills that second spot in the picture frame.

I will treasure these two pictures forever!

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