Nothing Like a Grandparent

I just returned this week from spending nearly two weeks with my parents at their home in Las Vegas.

It was the first time my one-year-old had been to their house, and it was magical to see my girls interact with my parents in their home. 

We walked to the park. We dipped our toes in the pool. We went out to breakfast. My mom read them stories and my dad built block towers with them.

I love watching my girls develop a relationship with the parents I love so much, and my heart wants to burst seeing my parents fall in love with the little girls I can’t get enough of.

With Grandma

Although we were happy to return to our own beds (and our own time zone), it was sad to leave them again, crossing our fingers that our next visit will be soon.

As my three-year-old said, “There’s nothing as fun as grandparents.” (You can imagine her teary voice as she said this after the visit was over).


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