Not Walking at 12 Months: Toddler or Still a Baby?

It happened! Finally my sweet Little L, my precious girl is ONE. She has changed and developed so much and each day brings new surprises and milestones.

She pulled herself up at 7 months and cruising just after. Because she has an older brother she is constantly trying to keep up with I thought for sure she’d be up and walking long before 12 months. After all, she can stand perfectly fine on her own, she has great balance and can sit herself down without falling down — it’s a very controlled move. However, she will not take a step. When it comes to getting from point A to point B, she slowly gets on the ground and crawls over.


Now, I tell you, she is a master crawler! She is super fast and I’m going to guess that because she is so good at that, she has no need to walk. My son didn’t really crawl, he mostly rolled and dragged along so he kind of needed to walk in order to get around. Obviously I’m just assuming here, but it could be, right?

So the question now becomes, is she officially a toddler or is she still a baby? I feel as if she’s a baby because I am still carrying her everywhere.

I realize everyone has mixed feelings on this, but I’d like to know what you think and when you child began to walk. I don’t mind that she isn’t walking, but it’s making it difficult to see her as a toddler, or even as a one year old!

So what do you think, is toddlerhood marked by age or by development and milestones? 

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