No Older Sibling Jealousy Here

Before having my daughter in January of this year, I was terrified of how M, my 4-year-old, would react to his new sister. He is a very strong-willed individual and after all, it had just been the three of us for so long. He is the only grandson on both sides of the family — there aren’t even cousins to compete with! I had heard HORROR stories about me as a child — I would use the bathroom outside, eat from the dog bowl, and cover my brother with toys in his crib because I was terribly jealous.

My husband and I were bracing ourselves for the worst case scenario.


Little L is now 9 months and as impossible as it sounds, we have yet to see an act of jealousy on his part.

He runs to her side when she is crying; when I’m changing her he wants to help; he lets me know when she has woken up, and when I’m holding her, he comes over to make sure she has everything she needs. I keep waiting for “that moment” or waiting for the ball to drop, but so far nothing!

He started acting up a bit when he started going to preschool saying that he missed his sister, but not much more. I’d like to think he will be the protective older brother — a bit bossy and more rule abiding but always looking after her.


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