Sharing a Room Means Quality Sibling Time

Getting ready for baby — there is so much to do! Finding the right stroller, crib, toys, and all that other gear that we think our little ones will need. And then, there is the topic of the baby room, the nursery.

I always had visions of sitting in a perfect nursery, rocking my baby and watching her go to sleep. However, that never happened. We lived in a tiny apartment (or should I say flat) in London when my son was born and he was with us in our room until he was 8 months old — we later moved, but it was a tight fit.


Now I am on baby número dos and we STILL don’t have a nursery. And you know what, it’s okay! At almost 7 months, we moved Little L into the room with her 4-year-old brother and we are hoping to make it work. I know, seems like a disaster waiting to happen, but it’s going to have to work. She is going to have to get used to sleeping with some sort of noise, and he is going to have to get used to her crying at night. I am also hoping that sharing a room will mean quality sibling time for them despite the four-year age difference. M has had to learn patience and share his space with someone else.

For us, having a nursery is a bit of a luxury — I have a hard time believing that everyone has a designated baby room, or do they? I asked other parents, and they said yes when it was just one baby, but the answer wasn’t the same with another child.

One side of the room has her crib and her changer, the other has his bed, with his toy box and a shelf with cubbies. They share the closet, and the decor is simple but cute. We are going to put his name over his side and her name over the crib. They could each have their own rooms, but the third room is in the basement, and I can’t be that far away from my babies at night! Friends are surprised we don’t have a room just for Little L, but like my mamá says, “you work with what you have.”

Do you have your children sharing a room? Or would you prefer baby to be in their own nursery?

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