10 Things Little L Has Mastered in Nine Months

Hola, it’s me, Little L! This is my monthly recap of all of the things I’ve learned, discovered and chewed on. I’m 9 months and ooooh man, the fun just doesn’t end!

Mami is so easy to fool, although she does play hard to get sometimes when she makes me cry it out in my crib. Most of the time I win, but she is pretty sneaky herself, so I have to keep up!

And my brother M — I have to watch out for him because he is Mami’s helper and is always taking things away from me, saying “she can put it in her mouth.” He’s right, but what’s wrong with that?! I just want to get a little taste! And Papi, well, he’s the best — he lets me do what I want. I feel pretty calm around him. I just snuggle up with him when it’s dark outside, and we watch the news. First the BBC, then the local news. It’s our thing. He’s the only one that I will sit still with. He smells nice too, like my bath soap.

So here are 10 things I’ve mastered this month — I hope you are proud of me!

  • Mami time

    Mami time

    Ok, look. Somedays I just want to be held by Mami and no one else. I don’t like being passed around and I just want to stay warm next to her, especially outside. When she does try to pass me off, I just squirm and scream and she takes me back right away. Works. Every. Time.

  • Calling out for Mami

    Calling out for Mami

    “MAMA.” There I said it…”MAMA.” I’ve been calling Mami’s name out for a few weeks — if I had known it called for such celebration I would have done it sooner. She comes flying in, scoops me up and kisses me. That’s my favorite. Now I’m working on saying “PAPA.”

  • Night owl

    Night owl

    Oh yeah, did I mention I like to wake up around 10.30pm when mami is working. I do! I don’t go back to sleep that easily, so mami brings me into her office while she finishes typing on the little black keys. I normally pull things off her book shelf, eat paper and knock the lamp over. You know, the usual.

  • Move over M!

    Move over M!

    My brother is always pushing me out of the way, but now that I’m standing and cruising along, I just get right in his face. I think he gets that I’m not a baby anymore and lets me play with him in the mini-kitchen. Together we whipped up a yummy snack for Mami and Papi (well, I did all the work — he just served it!)

  • Touch screen

    Touch screen

    My brother watches colorful things on a big screen. They move around and make funny noises. He also watches them on a smaller screen, but get this — he can TOUCH them. How cool is that? When Mami was sick in bed, she let me try it out, and I played too, touching the screen and making the little animal move around. I want to do it again!

  • Getaway crawl

    Getaway crawl

    And on the days I want to be left alone, I really mean it. I’m the fastest crawler out of all my baby friends, and when I hear Mami’s footsteps behind me, I go into overdrive and I’m off!

  • Nom nom nom

    Nom nom nom

    Yeah, so I have five teeth now, and I pretty much leave my mark everywhere I go. But I’m proud that I can really chew my food, which means Mami gives me different things to try. Although, when I tried her finger she screamed. Oops!

  • Rise and shine!

    Rise and shine!

    Mami and Papi enjoy going out without M and I, which is fine, but I make sure to remind her that I’m still here bright and early the next day by pulling her hair to wake her up. Works every time!

  • Crowd pleaser

    Crowd pleaser

    I can pretty much do anything and I get tons of “ooohs” and “aaaahs.” Last week, I stood with one hand (which I’ve been doing for weeks now!) and all of my uncles, great grandfather, and aunts ran over to see. It was no big deal for me, but I guess they haven’t mastered that one.

  • Absolute cuteness

    Absolute cuteness

    It’s true — the one thing I’ve mastered over and over is the art of absolute cuteness. I realize that will get me anywhere. Here I am as a baby pirate. CUTE, right? Mami almost went overboard with emotion when she saw me. I get her every time. So easy, I tell you. So easy.

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