NICU Diaries: Home from the Hospital!

As parents of preemies, the NICU experience is one filled with milestones. The biggest milestone of all, of course, is when your little on graduates from the NICU entirely and finally gets to come home! After 30 days, our son Judah finally came home from the hospital. Finally, our little man was free!

  • NICU Diaries: Judah's Homecoming

    NICU Diaries: Judah's Homecoming

    After 30 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, our son finally comes home.

  • A Special Coming Home Outfit

    A Special Coming Home Outfit

    Our son’s coming home outfit was made by my friend Caitlin at my surprise baby shower. Larry and I have always called ourselves Team Zoll, #s 1 and 2, respectively. Judah is our little Team Zoll #3!

  • Ready to Get Outta Here

    Ready to Get Outta Here

    This was the first picture we took of our son when he was no longer hooked up to any monitors or feeding tubes since the moment he was born. We couldn’t wait to cut off his hospital bracelets, too.

  • A Breath of Fresh Air

    A Breath of Fresh Air

    One thing that drove me nuts about our entire NICU experience was that Judah couldn’t get any fresh air. That all changed on the day of his homecoming! It was marvelous to finally take our son outside, even if the weather was a bit dreary.

  • And Away We Go!

    And Away We Go!

    Don’t worry, Dad’s eyes were on the road when it mattered ;) I snapped this photo before we left the parking lot. Judah looks so tiny in that big car seat!

  • Baby's First Field Trip

    Baby's First Field Trip

    We desperately needed food, so we took a little field trip to the grocery store. We got to try out our new stroller and Judah got to try out this whole “being out in the real world” thing.

  • Tuckered Out

    Tuckered Out

    After a long day full of new sights, sounds and experiences for all of us, we settled in for a much-needed nap. It was good to be home.

Our NICU Diaries are far from over, as there are plenty of other lessons learned from the experience I hope to share with other parents of preemies. As difficult as the NICU experience can be, I hope this post gives some hope to those with little ones still in the NICU and to look forward to your own baby’s homecoming!

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