Recordable Books from Hallmark Make the Ultimate Gift

Many of us live far away from family members and rely on Skype or Facetime to chat and keep in touch. Last year during a conference I discovered a new product from Hallmark. Hallmark’s Recordable Storybooks are inspired by the same idea — connecting families. These books come with a recordable feature that allow you to record your voice reading each and every page of the book. They are great for grandparents who would like to read a story to their grandchildren, but can’t do it in person, for parents who travel and want to leave a personal gift during their absence, or just as a gift from a far away family member.

As someone who owns several of these books, I can tell you that watching my children’s face light up as they heard a familiar voice coming with each turn of the page, was priceless! Click through to view three new titles that I’m particularly excited about…

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