New Party Trick: Climbing the Stairs

It seems like lately when my husband calls to check-in, I have a new Beck trick to report to him daily. I love seeing his motor skills develop so rapidly. Since Beck’s main mode of transportation is the bum scoot, the crawling and climbing motion has taken a little bit longer for him to master. But earlier this week he figured out the stairs (both up and down) and now that’s all he wants to do. That and escape his diaper changes. Here’s some photo documentation of his big accomplishment.

  • First Step

    First Step

    He looked back, kind of surprised at what he had accomplished, and then there was no turning back.

  • Second Step

    Second Step

    I think it took Beck a little while to figure out the motion because he’s primarily a bum scooter, so the crawling type movement was awkward to him.

  • Keep Going...

    Keep Going...

  • And Going...

    And Going...

  • Looking Ahead

    Looking Ahead

    A set of stairs must seem like a daunting task to a baby.

  • Using His Head

    Using His Head

    The funniest part was watching Beck use his head as leverage before he would use his arms.

  • So Proud

    So Proud

    During the whole way up, Beck would look back at me for approval. He was so proud of himself.

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