New Mom Tip of the Week: Easy Hallowe’en DIY & Photo Prop Ideas

It used to be that I was lucky if I wasn’t scrambling last minute to throw together costumes for my little ones. While I love making crafts and adore handmade costumes, there just wasn’t enough time. Or I wasn’t organized enough. None of those things have changed all that much.

What I have done is evaluate the level of skill and time that DIY projects I decide to tackle are going to take. I find that I get more done if I tie in family activities and outings with a craft or decor project I want to get into; like going to the pumpkin patch a couple of times in the autumn to round up plenty of natural decor accents that I can play around with at home.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned during my short foray into motherhood is that it is possible for me to get back to some of my hobbies and have fun with my littles while doing it. Hallowe’en, making simple decor accents, and my own photo props are just a few of the things that I love to tie together in decorating my home and making all of those magical moments of one of my favourite holidays last through photography.

From my spooktacular home to yours, I do hope you enjoy some of these simple and frugal ideas that you can whip up and execute in a matter of minutes!

  • Quick, Cheap & Fun!

    Quick, Cheap & Fun!

    Love Hallowe’en? Love getting crafty but lacking the time as a new mom? These ideas and instructions are easy, cheap and super simple to execute.

  • Quick & Easy Spooktacular Stacked Books

    Quick & Easy Spooktacular Stacked Books

    Click through for the instructions >>>

  • Materials


    All you need are a couple of old books that you don’t mind messing around with, a good pair of scissors, washi tape, a black sharpie marker, quality off-white paper cut folded over the width and length of the binding on the books, a dollar-store fake crow and skull.

  • Step 1

    Get funky with your fonts and fun Hallowe’en expressions. I came up with these two. (See what I did there? Zombie moms? Get it?)

    Find some of your own creeptacular sayings here!

  • Step 2

    Step 2

    Carefully tape the edges of your paper ‘titles’ to the outer binding of the books. (You can do more books if you like, of course!)

  • Step 3

    Step 3

    All that’s left to do is stack and stage!

  • Display

    These spooktacular stacked books would look great on a shelf, a mantle or anywhere you you want to add some Hallowe’en flair!

    Check out my son's Easy DIY Edgar Allan Poe Costume here!

  • Look Like a Pro!

    Look Like a Pro!

    Decorate your porch, your entryway, your front steps…anywhere that little trick-or-treaters will be traipsing through! My little ones aren’t into all the really creepy stuff yet. These kinds of decorations don’t freak them out. I love that staging and decor ideas like this serve to decorate your home AND provide excellent backdrops for fun pictures! Click through for some more fun and easy ideas…

  • Dollar Store Accents

    Dollar Store Accents

    I picked up that vintage ladder at a garage sale in the summer and I love changing up the decor and plants seasonally. For Hallowe’en, I used faux black glitter roses (one bouquet = 1 buck), and cut the rose heads off of the stems to place and tuck in here and there clustered in with gourds and pumpkins and other seasonal items as shown. I also grabbed a fake spider and a battery operated haunted house candle from the discount shelf at Home Sense. You could do these sorts of things on a mantle or a hutch in your home too!

  • Simple Backdrop & Photo Props

    Simple Backdrop & Photo Props

    I found some Hallowe’en trim (bats!) at my local fabric store in the discount bin. I bought quite a few yards and voila! Coupled with some washi tape and I have an instant photo backdrop! Clustering together some pumpkins, gourds, a plant, and a small haystack on top on a small soft or plush blanket as shown, serves as a great stage for taking some newborn and baby photos!

  •  The Options Are Endless...

    The Options Are Endless...

    Not only will your house look great for trick-or-treaters and parties, but you can reap lots of fun family photo opps, the perfect backdrop for a newborn photo shoot, or a great scene to take some snaps of your little ones in their costumes on the big day!

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