New Mom Advice for the New Royal Mom

#WelcometotheWorld, the newest Prince of Cambridge! And many congratulations to proud parents Princess Catherine and Prince William! With the world spotlight shining on the newest mom of the moment, it can be easy to forget that despite her royal title and all the benefits that come with it, Princess Catherine is still a new mom. New motherhood is full of its own unique challenges and breathtaking, magical moments to which even Princess Catherine is entitled, just like any new mom.

As Princess Catherine (and the world!) gets to know her little Prince, here’s my new mom advice for the new Royal Mama, from one new mom to another.


New Mom Advice for the New Royal Mom |


1. Get some privacy as a new family of three while you can.

Even though Princess Catherine may be surrounded by eager press, royal caretakers, and a rather large extended family, including new aunt and uncle Pippa and Harry, it’s important to have that alone time with baby. This private time with their little one is especially vital since their child will grow up on an international stage. There’s something really special about those quiet moments as a new mom, new dad, and brand new tiny baby together, whether you’re royalty or not.

2. Take lots of photos… and video!


This one might be a little tricky, between formal royal photo sittings and British and international publications eager to get their first pics of the little prince – but it’s an important piece of advice for any first time parent. Take the pictures now while you can, before you miss any opportunities to capture them when they’re so tiny. They really do grow up so fast that you’d be amazed when they’re one or two months old to look back at their newborn photos to see how much they’ve grown. And in the age of fabulous smartphones, take some video, too! It’s one thing to see still pictures and remember; it’s another to capture all those precious magical moments with baby on video.

3. Spend some time outdoors with baby.

William and Kate couldn’t have timed the arrival of their little heir any better. While summers in England are typically warm, they’re not usually unbearable. Summer babies enjoy the privilege of napping in a nice stroller (or pram in this case!) ride, as moms take advantage of the opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy some sunshine. Walks outside with baby do wonders for the new mama spirit.

4. Take it easy, Royal Mama!

As any new mom can tell you, labor and delivery are no walk in the park. No matter how a woman gives birth, your body has been through a lot and as much as you’d like it to, it just doesn’t bounce back right away. According to news reports, Princess Catherine will put her official duties on hold through the end of the year; that’s a pretty substantial maternity leave by American standards, so take advantage of the time to rest up when you can and let your body heal.

5. Remember that Prince William is new to parenthood, too!

Having your first child with someone is an amazing transformation that happens literally overnight. You are transformed into new people with a new distinct identity: for the rest of your life, you will always be Mom (or perhaps Mum) and William will always be Dad. New parenthood, even for a royal family, is messy, stressful, and overwhelming. But it’s also beautiful, tender, surprising, and quite fun. And I have a feeling Kate, that, like any new mom, you’re going to love watching William grow into new fatherhood. It’s really a magical thing to behold.

What other advice do you have for the newest Royal Parents? Share your tips and well-wishes in the comments!

And to Princess Catherine and Prince William: Congrats again on your royal little one and enjoy every moment you can during these first few months… because they are going to fly by!

Photo by Carfax2 via Wikimedia Commons


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