Mickey and Minnie Mouse Feeding Sets for Baby

Mealtime can be messy and sometimes a bit challenging when your little one is exercising their ability to be a picky eater. At the same time it can also be fun. So much of my toddler’s personality can be seen at mealtime. Her ability to assert herself as she asks for “more” of one thing and responds with “I doe wann it” (I don’t want it), to another. Her sense of humor as she giggles in between bites or slyly drops the things she doesn’t want on the floor for the dog. Her sensitive side when she decides that she really did want it but the dog already ate it. Her sweet side as she offers me one of her raviolis and even her desire for independence, most evident when she refuses to eat her yogurt or “roni” (macaroni) unless we give her control of the spoon.

Although meals are seen as a chance for our family to connect and eat of course, it’s also an opportunity for me to allow my toddler a chance to partake in some of that independence she craves these days. As a result, part of our mealtime routine includes age appropriate dishes and utensils that are both functional and fun. The Mickey and Minnie Mouse sets from Disney Store offer both and are currently available for purchase. Take a look:

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