Our First Family Photo


We are getting down to the wire here as we await the arrival of our newest little one. It’s making me super nostalgic over stories, pictures and feelings I had with our first daughter. At night, I spent lots of time going through old photographs reliving special moments we’ve shared just the three of us.

I lay awake at night wondering what it will be like to add another to our family. I know we will love her beyond belief, but I worry about the adjustment of being a family of four now.

I think back to these first family photos we took with our daughter Rowan. We went for a walk to find a perfect place to take the photos all together. I remember how scared and unsure we were, but we were so blinded by love, it didn’t matter.

As nervous as I am for the new change about to happen, I have confidence that we will find ourselves in the same spot as this picture. We will gather together as a new family of four and take another “first family photo” all together. I am sure we will be scared and unsure just like the first one, but again it won’t matter. We will be surrounded by love and these special gifts that we have created. Our two beautiful girls. What a special moment to capture!

I can’t wait to share that new picture with you all!

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