30 Nerdy Baby Names!

The wait is over, my friends! I present to you the absolute best (and totally useable) nerdy baby names.

With references from beloved sci-fi and ancient mythology, to the shows we loved when we were kids, these names are sure to please nerds from far and wide.

Click through to see them for yourself. You might be nerdier than you think!

  • Nerdy Names Unite!

    Nerdy Names Unite!

    I’ve compiled a list of the world’s best nerdy baby names. From nursery rhymes, to mythology, to sci-fi, and even beloved video games, you’ll find it all in the following names. Click through to see them all!

  • Alvin


    I envision a mischievous kid in a red tee shirt and Christmas carols sung by chipmunks. What about you? ;)

  • Alyx


    Where my Half Lifers at? The y and x give this name just the right amount of edge, maybe no one will catch on to the fact that you named your kid after a video game character.

  • Arnold


    Come with me if you want to live! Or name your kid this if you want to pay homage to one of the best action movie series of our generation.

  • Aurora


    Whether you love this name because of the Disney Princess or because of your love for astrology, Aurora has a bit of a nerdy niceness to it.

  • Carlton


    Whether or not your little one is in….. West Philedelphia born and raised. Or if… on the play ground is where he spends most of his days. He might still appreciate sharing a name with that lovable nerd that always made us want to dance.

  • Carmen


    I can say with 100% honesty that whenever someone exclaims “Where in the world?!” I complete it in my head with “… is Carmen Sandiego!”

  • Clark


    Just because you work at the newspaper and wear nerdy glasses doesn’t mean you aren’t Super in your own way. ;)

  • Coraline


    Got a love for Tim Burton style flicks? You might recognize this name as one of his beloved lead characters. Or… if you want to give a nod towards great novels by Neil Gaiman, this name has got you covered either way.

  • Cosette


    Do you hear the people sing? Singing the praises of the name Cosette. No? Then maybe you need to check out the big hit motion picture or the Broadway hit from which the name is taken.

  • Dax


    Whether you’ve got a love for funny comic actors or a love of aliens on a space station, the name Dax is nerdy cool.

  • Dewey


    Named for one of those adorable little duck triplets getting into mischief and waiting around to inherit their scrooge uncle’s fortune. How can you go wrong?

  • Emmett


    You knew I was going to throw in a Twilight reference didn’t you?

  • Ender


    Technically it’s short for Andrew but we’ll all know you’re referencing the epic humans-vs-alien battles happening in Ender’s Game

  • Flash


    AAAHHHHHH…. Savior of the Universe!

  • Grimm


    Got a love for fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel? You’ve got the Brothers Grimm to thank. Why not pay homage with a name referencing all your favorites at once.

  • Harry


    Harry will forever conjure up magical associations. So why not just give in and name your kid after the most powerful wizard of all time?

  • Hera


    Got a love for epic destinies? How about the name Hera? Not only a name pulled from mythology, Hera is a popular character in the much loved science fiction series Battlestar Galactica.

  • Jimmy


    Neutrons, electron, protons…. I’m positive my chemistry nerds out there will love the name Jimmy.

  • Kal


    Because even Superman’s parents didn’t call him Superman ;)

  • Leia


    The name Leia actually means “delicate” but the Princess who had it was anything but.

  • Matilda


    The little genius from the Roald Dahl books we all loved as a kid? It’s a perfect name for your little lady.

  • Milton


    I have no specific reference on this one. This name just sounds nerdy-cute to me!

  • Napoleon


    DYNAMITE! It’s a bold name choice, to be sure, and you’re friends will definitely tease you about it. But come on, you’d win the nerdy name crown!

  • Persephone


    She was the daughter of Zeus and the goddess of spring. If you’re a mythology nerd, this could be a really pretty name for your little lady.

  • Sabine


    This pretty, angelic sounding name comes from the trilogy of the same moniker. It’s a story of two people’s correspondences. You read though it like you’re snooping through someone’s old mail. But if that’s not for you, maybe the name in all it’s lyrical prettiness will be.

  • Sebastian


    Sebastian is nerdy the same way being smart is. It’s nerdy but it’s still taken seriously. Nickname him Seba because that’s a great nickname.

  • Sheldon


    Sheldons seem to commonly be cast as nerdy sidekick characters. And for a while the name “Sheldon” had a bad rap, but I think it’s cute and endearing now, don’t you?

  • Trillian


    The queen of the nerd girls, Trillian sounds like “trillion” and we all know how number names are rising in popularity. Plus, she was an astrophysisicst in HGTTG and who doesn’t love a good Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference

  • Willow


    Because this TV series was your favorite if you were born in the 1980’s. Buffy and her friends will forever live in our nerdy hearts.

  • Winston


    Another name I have no specific nerdy reference for, I just think it fits. It’s smart. It’s cute. It’s a tad bit nerdy. It’s kind of perfect, don’t you think?

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