10 Essentials for Road Tripping with a Toddler

Headed out to visit family this Thanksgiving or holiday season? Road trips with little ones can be stressful. Believe me — we’ve logged enough hours together as a family in the car to learn a thing or two about making it more fun and stress-free for everyone! So I used my experience with our son on long car trips to present to you my top 10 road trip essentials from the Disney Baby Shop!

  • My Top 10 Road Trip Essentials!

    My Top 10 Road Trip Essentials!

    Getting ready to spend some family time in the car? Confused on what to bring? Here’s my top 10 holiday road trip essentials from the Disney Baby shop! Click through to see them all!

  • Less Mess = More Happy

    Less Mess = More Happy

    Spill proof cups are a major WIN for long trips in the car. You don’t have to worry if they fall upside down in your little one’s seat or on the passenger sitting nearby!

  • A Fun New Book To Explore

    It’s all about novelty when it comes to entertaining a little one for hours in the car. So I like to pack a few brand new books and toys that will be exciting to see and hopefully hold his attention for a while.

    Cars Recordable Storybook

  • Something Extra Cozy

    Our little one fights sleep in the car until he’s a tired mess. But we’ve found keeping an extra soft and snuggly blanket nearby can help him feel more comfortable and able to relax.

    Cars Little Racer Plush Blanket

  • Easy Feeding Anywhere

    Easy Feeding Anywhere

    It adds a tiny bit to our packing but we like to bring 1 set of toddler dishware so that no matter where we end up for lunch, we know we have a clean and easy system for our little one.

  • No Spill Snack Containers

    I want to kiss whoever invented these snack containers! They are AMAZING in the car! Little ones can feed themselves without creating a huge mess. Great for small snacks like raising or crackers!

    Cars Snack Container

  • As Easy As Can Be

    Toiletries can take up soooo much packing room. So I love products that do double duty like these disposable washcloths that soap up when you get them wet! Now you don’t have to worry about baby shampoo spilling all over the inside of your luggage!

    Winnie The Pooh Water Activated Baby Washcloths

  • Interactive Toys

    I love small toys that have an interactive aspect. Like this spinning toy. Our son loves anything with buttons or levers or mechanical aspects. So stuff like this is golden for in-car entertainment

    The Lion Kind Circle of Friends Spinner

  • The All In One Solution

    Portable systems like these are soooo amazing for travel. Yes, they take up some extra space but you can use them as a crib, a storage space, a changing table, and a playpen all while you’re on the go.

    Winne The Pooh Home Sweet Home Care Center

  • Soft Toys For Safety

    I don’t know about you, but our little one LOVES to throw his toys. So I like to pack soft and smooshy toys that won’t do any damage when tossed around.

    Winnie The Pooh and Pals Soft Blocks


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