My Toddler Now Takes a Pacifier (and Why I’m Happy She Does)


I’m pretty certain Little L (now 15 months) hasn’t taken a pacifier since she was 4 months old. Not sure how or why, but one night she just spat it out and never wanted it again.

Okay then. No pacifier for her.

My husband and I were relieved because we knew how hard it had been to take it away from our older son. Let’s just say, there was an incident of him throwing himself on the floor and eating the carpet out of desperation! Yeah. We didn’t want to relive that moment ever again.

However, during our family trip to London, I noticed that instead of drinking her milk, she would just suck on the nipple — or that at night, she would fall asleep with a stuffed animal and have the arm of that toy in her mouth or suck on parts of her blanket. Then as she got older, she also got more difficult to settle at night. She was restless, and I wasn’t sure what to do.

One night, I gave her a pacifier to try out. She had no idea what to do with it, so she just chucked it back at me. However, little by little, she started taking it at night and curling up with me to sleep. I realized the poor girl needed something to soothe her, and the pacifier was what she had been missing.

So she’s a latecomer to the pacifier, and I’m happy she isn’t feeling as anxious as before. During the day, she doesn’t even look at it — so maybe being a bit older, she knows it’s just for sleep. Who knows… but I’m happy she is taking it a year after she spat it out.

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