My Tiny Newborn

Every day, my little boy grows bigger. He is starting to look less like a baby and more like a little boy. And every day, I am also realizing that his days as a baby are slowly coming to an end.


I never understood it when I heard parents talk about how when they look at their grown children that they still, somehow, see their tiny newborn. Its seems like I used to hear that all of the time. I just couldn’t understand it.

It is funny how all of those things that never made sense all of the sudden make perfect sense when you are experiencing it. Now that I have a growing child myself, I totally get it. Most of the time I have this growing, independent boy who drives me crazy. But every now and then I have these tiny moments where I can see it clear as day. I can see my tiny little 6-pound baby in my now 23-pound growing boy. They are fleeting but sweet as honey.

I hope those moments never go unnoticed and that I will always see that in him. No matter how strong-willed or rebellious he gets. I want to always have those images fresh in my mind. They are a sweet reminder of where we started, how we felt, and how far we have come.

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