My Third Trimester Must-Haves

I can’t believe I’m already three weeks into my third trimester. Before long, I will be meeting my sweet baby girl, and our family will become a party of five! While I’m sure these last few weeks will go by so slowly, I’m trying my hardest to enjoy pregnancy. Here is a list of my third trimester must-haves!

  • Milk – I have had terrible heartburn (maybe baby has a lot of hair!) and the only thing that helps is drinking milk!
  • Lots of pillows – Sleeping is nearly unbearable. Pillows make all the difference!
  • A prenatal massage – My husband treated me to a massage at a nice salon last week and it was incredible!
  • Hot baths – Every few days I try to take a hot bath to ease my achy hips!
  • Ice cream – I have been craving ice cream every day for the past few weeks!
  • Lists – My brain is not functioning properly so making lists is a MUST!
  • A humidifier – The winter air and my pregnancy hormones are giving me bloody noses every morning. Moisture to the rescue!
  • Sleep – It seems no matter how much sleep I get, I’m still tired. Trying to take it easy before baby comes…
  • Date night – My husband and I have been trying hard to get in as many dates as we can!
  • Comfy clothes – Pretty much everything I wear nowadays is maternity and that is okay with me!
  • Lotion – My skin is super dry and itchy, so lotion is a must-have, day and night!
What about you? What can you NOT live without during pregnancy??
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