My Son’s Hair & Why I Don’t Want to Cut It


“You should really cut his hair,” they say. I very gently nod my head with a polite smile on my face. The truth is, I just can’t bring myself to do it.

His hair is golden brown and it has the most exquisite highlights. His curls are soft and subtle, unlike his sisters, who have tighter ringlets. When it’s hot or humid, his hair curls up gently and on milder days, it turns into waves.

I didn’t cut the girls’ hair — in fact both of them have yet to have a haircut other than a couple of simple trims. I didn’t have to say goodbye to that last curl, nor did I have to cut their waves. I didn’t have to say goodbye to their babyhood.

I think that’s the whole issue. I’m afraid that if I cut his curls I’m saying hello to a little boy and bidding farewell to my baby. There have been three instances where I finally found the nerve to call the hair salon, and each time I did, they were booked up. Maybe it was a sign… or maybe, just maybe, I can trim it myself and even it out slightly. Or perhaps I’m just overly emotional about the entire thing.

Have you felt sad about cutting your son’s hair? How old was your little boy when he got his first haircut?

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