My Secret Weapon for Flying with Little Ones

A few weeks ago, I flew alone with my two little girls (ages 1 and 3) from North Carolina to Las Vegas to visit my parents.

Traveling with Kids

Even with a direct flight, it was a 5 hour flight, and I was admittedly very nervous.

Because I was traveling alone, I wanted to pack as lightly as possible since I was the sole pack mule, and this included not stuffing my carry-on with entertainment for the plane.

I packed a few thin books, loaded up my phone and tablet with a couple of new games, and brought stickers,

But the biggest hit of all was the single container of play dough I tucked in at the last moment.


On the way home, when it was getting late and I had exhausted all the other options and all three of us were getting antsy and restless, I pulled it out and immediately both of my girls calmed right down.

I held my one-year-old on my lap and together we rolled out snakes, little balls, and letters on the tray table. We squished them into new shapes, rolled them around, and pinched off tiny pieces.

Pink Clay

Next to us, my three-year-old was equally delighted to have something physical to do with her hands. Because it’s slightly tacky, it didn’t roll off the tables, but it also didn’t make a mess.

It soothed all of us and kept my girls entertained for nearly an hour, until our plane started its descent and we had to fold up our tables.

You’d better believe I’m always packing this from now on!

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