My Pregnancy Timeline (How I Tackle the To-Dos!)

This being my third pregnancy, I have a pretty good schedule of when to do what and how to get everything done in time for baby’s arrival. When you first find out you are pregnant, the to-dos can be pretty overwhelming. From taking care of yourself, going to childbirth classes, and getting all of the baby “stuff,” there seems to be a never-ending mountain of tasks. Here’s how I tackle the to-dos just a little bit at a time…

  • A Timeline for Mamas-to-Be

    A Timeline for Mamas-to-Be

    Click through to see what you can tackle each week or month until your little one arrives!

  • 5-6 Weeks

    5-6 Weeks

    Even though there are plenty of “know ahead” pregnancy tests out there, I like to be sure and wait until a week or two after my missed Aunt Flo. As soon as I get a positive, I call the doctor!

  • 8 Weeks

    8 Weeks

    Most doctors like to see their patients around 8 weeks. This is a time to hear your baby’s heartbeat and to ask any questions you might be having!

  • 8-12 Weeks

    8-12 Weeks

    This is the hardest part for me. I get terribly sick when I’m pregnant, so all of my other to-dos get thrown out the window so I can focus on eating right and let’s be honest, staying upright!

  • 12 Weeks

    12 Weeks

    We have always told our closest family & friends our good news around 12 weeks. We like to wait a little bit to know for sure and we like to tell them before everyone else!

  • 14 Weeks

    Around 14 weeks, or after the first trimester, it’s time to tell the world! We made a pregnancy announcement this last time around!

    To see our pregnancy announcement video, click HERE!

  • 16 Weeks

    16 Weeks

    It seems that with each pregnancy, my clothes start to feel a bit snug around 16 weeks. This is when I usually break out the maternity clothes!

  • 16-20 Weeks

    16-20 Weeks

    Around 16 weeks, I get a HUGE surge of energy. This is a great time to start thinking about decorating the nursery, baby names, and more!

  • 20 Weeks

    We like to find out ahead of time if we’ll be having a BOY or a GIRL. Our doctor likes to do the morphology scan around 20 weeks, just halfway through the journey!

    Click to read the pros of finding out the sex of the baby ahead of time!

  • 5 Months

    5 Months

    Around 5 months, I start feeling pretty achy in my hips and pelvis. This is a great time to start swimming, stretching, or doing prenatal yoga. 5 months is also when I like to plan out our big nursery furniture items.

  • 6 Months

    6 Months

    While this is my third pregnancy, I probably won’t be taking these classes this time around. However, if you are pregnant for the first time, I highly recommending taking classes on both childbirth and breastfeeding!

  • 7 Months

    7 Months

    During the 7th month, I like to have the nursery ready to go. It’s great to have it done ahead of time! This is also a good time to start thinking about the kind of labor and delivery you’d like to have.

  • 8 Months

    8 Months

    In my 8th month, I pack my hospital bag, then sit back and relax. This is a good time to get a prenatal massage, pedicure, or even go on a little babymoon!

  • 9 Months

    9 Months

    At 9 months pregnant, I only have 1 thing on my mind: when will the baby come?! In your last few anxious weeks, make ahead some meals and get your house in tip-top shape! There will be little time for either once your little bundle arrives.

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