My Little Swimmer and Our Water Fun Essentials

Ever since her very first summer, my daughter has been a water baby. My husband and I joke that her love of water stems from the fact that I had a water birth and she was born in a tub, but whatever the case, the girl is a fish. Once the weather warms up just enough we are finding ways to enjoy the water. She loves oceans, lakes, swimming pools, wading pools, fountains, sprinklers and even just playing with buckets of water in the front yard all with equal vigor. Obviously this means that we have to be well-stocked when it comes to water play essentials and here are a few of our favorites…

Huggies Little Swimmers // @ Disney Baby

Our Water Fun Essentials:

-Huggies Little Swimmers Swim Diapers


Swim diapers are a must-have for summertime water play, and these Huggies ones are our go-tos (my daughter prefers the Little Mermaid ones). If you’ve ever tried to make do with a regular diaper when it comes to water play then you’ll no it doesn’t work. Regular diapers swell like crazy, but these swim diapers don’t! They also have easy tear away sides to make diaper changes easy peasy.

-Cute suits

Obviously lots of cute photos will ensue when water play is involved, so cute suits are a must. There are a ton of cute ones at Disney Store and most (if not all) of them have built in SPF 50 in the fabric to keep little ones safe in the sun.

-Sun hats

While we’re talking about sun safety, don’t forget a shady hat!


Babies can’t wear sunscreen until after 6 months of age. Before that be sure to choose shade over sun, but after that, slathering them up with SPF is the most important part of outdoor water play.

-Spray bottle

Sometimes water play can be as simple as squirting each other with spray bottles. This is one of our go-to water activities for when we want to get wet, but don’t have a ton of time to trek to a pool or fountain.

-Water-safe shoes

Unless you’re just swimming in a pool, water shoes are really nice to have on hand for little ones as they frolic through fountains, sprinklers and splash pads all summer long.

-Cool treats / Lots of water!

Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Our favorite ways to stay cool are with cold water and homemade fruit popsicles!


What are some of your water play essentials? Did I leave any out?

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