My Little Comedian

The older Lola gets, the more different facets of her personality shine through. Time has shown me that I just might have another little comedian on my hands. My oldest has always loved making us laugh, and it appears she and her baby sister have that in common. Just like big sister, on occasion my littlest can be quite silly.


Not only does Lola love to giggle with her big sister (remember when daddy made Lola have her first belly laugh?) but she loves making us laugh. Whether its showering us with slobbery kisses, hiding behind a blanket so we can’t see her (so she thinks), wearing one of our hats or glasses and making funny noises my little one seems to spend much of her day being silly. Although her being silly while I try to feed her breakfast isn’t ideal, I love that even as a baby she has developed her own little sense of humor. And in some instances, a moment of silliness can distract her when she is feeling a little cranky.

As she gets older, it is possible I will have to teach Lola that there is a time and place for the sillies. For now at least, I love that she hasn’t just brought more love into our lives but more laughter too.

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