My Little Beach Bums: A Collection of the Cutest Beach Babies You Ever Did See!

Of course, I may be partial, because really – all babies and toddlers are cute. Not just mine. However, they are mine and since we live right down the street, the beach-trippin’ has been nonstop and we’ve loved every second of it.

Well, sort of. (It’s not like it’s easy, but I’m going to venture ahead and say that yes, all of the work and monitoring is worth it.)

Click through to discover all of the ups, downs, and in-betweens to beach life with babies and toddlers. (Oh, okay – they’re both toddlers now, but give some more time on that one, mmk?) 

  • Beach Life

    Beach Life

    Living down the street from the beach when one has toddlers has its pros and cons…

  • Observing


    Abby loves to take breaks and cuddle up in her hooded beach towel, quietly checking everything out around her. After a few minutes she’s ready to get back in and cause a ruckus!

  • Siblings at Play

    Siblings at Play

    As seen here practicing their kicking and front stroke. Sort of. No fear these two. Yes, they do keep me on my toes and I’m definitely not reading a book on the sidelines. I’m right in there with them, or you know… taking pictures for a few minutes while their dad plays with them, and then cannon-balling them as soon (and as often) as I can.

  • All Smiles

    All Smiles

    Little fish that she is.

  • Primo Family Time

    Primo Family Time

    As much work as it is – the organizing, setting up, and tearing down – every last minute is worth it because of THIS.

  • Darling Diva

    Darling Diva

    Yes, she’s posing. On purpose, with no goading from me whatsoever.

  • Beach Beauty

    Beach Beauty

    She makes my heart skip a beat.

  • Little Explorer

    Little Explorer

    Beach tripping has proved to be most rewarding for Wyndham in that he procures all sort of treasures for scrapbooking whilst working on his tan and getting to meet new girls to flirt and play with. All true.

  • Funny Faces

    Funny Faces

    She’s a master at making silly faces and hamming it up — has been since she was born. Now, more so on purpose, as you can see.

  • Getting Along

    Getting Along

    Look! Proof! It happens. Sometimes.

  • Those Curls!

    Those Curls!

    I mean, really.

  • Action Jackson

    Action Jackson

    As he’s grown increasingly confident about being in the water — I’ve watched my little guy turn into a budding swimmer, from that of the fearful, cautious kiddo that would barely step foot into the water last summer.

  • My Monkeys

    My Monkeys

    There is nothing they love better than a day at the beach. Period.

  • Simple Moments Like This...

    Simple Moments Like This...

    Make for the best memories.

  • Heart Thumper

    Heart Thumper

    An image I’m planning on blowing up and framing, pronto.

  • How We Do

    How We Do

    Gear, gear, and more gear. All necessary.

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