A New Kind of “Baby Book”


I’m rubbish at keeping a journal. I’ve attempted, resolved, even bought a one-line-a-day type book and I still haven’t gotten in the habit. This becomes a problem when you become a mother and really want to remember all the cute things your baby does, but know that in about an hour, you’ll have forgotten it all (mom brain is real, I tell you). So this is what I’ve decided to do to save all the memories in one place and hopefully publish them in book form one day:

I started an email account for Beck that I can send all the quick memories and cute photos to. Yes, I did get this idea from a commercial. To be fair, it’s a dang good commercial and one that makes me teary eyed every single time I watch it. But I know since I’m on email nearly every single day, it’s the type of memory keeping I’ll actually do.

How do you keep a record of your baby’s life? Do you have a baby book you absolutely love?

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