My Gender Reveal Surprise!

Next week is the big moment. 

Next week marks the halfway point in my pregnancy (so far, yet so far to go) and although my husband has vetoed my plan to let him carry the baby for the 2nd half of the pregnancy, I’m excited that things are moving so quickly along.

Our 20-week ultrasound is set for next week, and while, of course, my biggest concern is to know that everything is ok with this baby–the fourth time around has been more anxiety-producing than any other time, actually–I have to admit that I’m really excited about finding out who we are adding to our family.

And I have an extra special surprise up my sleeve for the occasion…

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I’ve actually gone back and forth deciding if we should even find out what we are having this time around. With two girls and a boy already making beloved messes at home, there really is no pressing need for us to find out. After all, I have clothes in both genders and sizes, and we have all the baby gear stashed and ready to welcome another little one.

We didn’t find out the gender with both of our first babies and I definitely remember it being so much fun; that moment when you first meet your little one and find out–surprise, it’s a girl!–is incomparable.


But on the other hand, with our son, we found out and the memory of all of us crammed into the ultrasound room with the big announcement and my daughter shouting, “I told you so!” is one that is so precious to me. It was fun to find out what we were having all together.

So, in the end, I think my mama nesting-need-to-know side is going to win out; I am just dying to get things around and organized for the baby and especially figure out sleeping arrangements, considering we are totally out of room in our house. (Eek!)

I want to make the reveal extra special, however, so I’ve come up with a plan:

My husband’s birthday is two weeks after our ultrasound, so instead of having the ultrasound tech tell us right in the room, I thought it would be so fun to instead, have her mark the gender silently and slide it in an envelope for us. I’ve thought this through–I’ll bring pre-made slips and envelopes with “girl” and “boy” so she can mark or circle it without us wondering, did she write four letters or three?

I’ll bring two envelopes and slips, just in case, because I would hate to miss our one chance to know and call a bakery to order a special gender reveal cake. After sliding the super-secret results over the bakery counter, entrusting my future in their hands (!), we’ll invite our families over for a little birthday get together for my husband.

But this won’t be just any birthday cake. 

We’ll sing “happy birthday” to him, and then, slowly, the suspense killing us all, he will slice into the birthday cake. (Chocolate, of course, his favorite.) And then, with our girls crowded around him, one of them will shout what color they see inside and we will know. Yay!

I think it will be a really fun way to bring some excitement about finding out our baby’s gender and get the whole family involved.

Now, if I can only hold out from not peeking in the envelope…

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