My Funny Valentine: A Photo Essay of My Son’s 2nd Valentine’s Day

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day fan. In fact, it’s not really a holiday I make a big deal about much at all. But having a kid changes all that doesn’t it? I didn’t plan anything grand for our Valentine’s Day together, but in the morning I felt a bit guilty, so I pulled together some things in the house to celebrate the day of love with my littlest valentine. Click through to see the goofy photos from our day together…

  • My Funny Valentine

    My Funny Valentine

    This was my son’s first second holiday. Meaning it’s the first holiday we’ve been through that we have photos of from last year too. :) I decided to document the day. Click through to see what we did…

  • He LOVES Oatmeal... and Chocolate

    He LOVES Oatmeal... and Chocolate

    My little man eats oatmeal pretty much every morning but I decided to make Valentine’s breakfast special with a little heart made of chocolate. He LOVES chocolate chips.

  • I Saw The Sign

    I Saw The Sign

    We’e been trying to get him to sign for 6 months. He understands them, he just wouldn’t do them himself. Well chocolate incentivized him to break out the sign more “MORE”. HA!

  • Have a Heart

    Have a Heart

    I had some felt hanging around from a past crafting project so I made him a little felt heart pin to wear for a little mini photo shoot I was planning…

  • Smile For The Camera

    Smile For The Camera

    We did a mini photoshoot in our guest bedroom (because it gets the most beautiful light). He struck this pose in one frame and I couldn’t help myself from putting a Cupid’s arrow and bow in his hands digitally afterwards. :)

  • For Comparison's Sake...

    For Comparison's Sake...

    I took a photo like this last year so I recreated it. He was much less a fan of the fake mustache this time around. Click on to see last year’s photo.

  • Oh What a Difference a Year Makes

    Oh What a Difference a Year Makes

    This was the image I took last year. He was only about a month old then. My what a difference a year makes in the life of a baby! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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