5 Must-Have Maternity Pieces That Are Worth the Money

When my youngest sister announced that she was expecting her first baby, it got me thinking about the maternity clothing that I found most useful.

Sadly, all my maternity clothing is packed up in boxes on the other side of the country for the next eight months, so I can’t lend her my work-horse pieces, but at least I can share my wisdom gained over two pregnancies of what’s worth the money.

  • A Solid Dress

    A Solid Dress

    A dress that’s comfortable and can be dressed up or down and combined with all sorts of scarves, shoes, and jewelry is worth its weight in pregnancy gold.

  • A Black Shirt

    A Black Shirt

    Black is ultra-slimming, and even when I was getting huge toward the end, I always felt put together in a basic black top. Plus, it goes with everything.

  • Maternity Jeans

    Maternity Jeans

    I have no desire to try and make do with a pair of regular jeans. I bought this pair for $13 and wore them many times a week through the whole second and third trimester. I definitely got my money’s worth!

  • Pencil Skirt

    Pencil Skirt

    I love a pencil skirt, and I especially like how slimming it is when your top half is giant. Plus, it was one of the few semi-dressy things I had when I was pregnant.

  • Maxi Skirt

    Maxi Skirt

    This maxi skirt wasn’t a maternity skirt, but it was so stretchy that I could wear it throughout my whole pregnancy. It feels like wearing pajamas, but looks much more put-together. (I was so tired of wearing it by the time my baby was born, I donated it to the thrift store almost immediately when I got home from the hospital.)

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