My 5 Favorite Toddler Phrases

This period between baby and child, where Ella is talking up a storm, but not quite fluent, is just the most darling thing I can imagine. The hilarious little things she says and the grammatically incorrect phrases she uses just make my day on a regular basis. I’ll be sad when she stops using them.

A few of my very favorites:


Talking Toddler“Dat a good plan?” This is used whenever she tells me how she wants things to work. For instance, “Change my diaper, play a game, drink cocoa on the couch. Dat a good plan?”

“Good JOB, mama.” Anytime I do anything at all noteworthy, like wiping up a drip of yogurt off the table.

“I piddy smat.” (Translation: “I pretty smart.”) Whenever SHE does something noteworthy.

“I so HAPPY!” This one just warms my heart.

“I need you.” The first thing she says when she wakes up. This is especially heartbreaking when she wakes up for 30 seconds in the night, calls this out twice and then falls immediately back into a deep sleep.

What are the best phrases that come out of your toddler’s mouth?

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