My Favorite Souvenir from Our Baby’s First Visit to Disneyland

We recently went on a family vacation to Disneyland. It was Baby Z’s first time visiting the Happiest Place on Earth.  I was very excited to create fun new memories with her there, just as I had done with her two older sisters in the past. I knew to keep the day relaxed and not stress on doing too much.

Being at Disneyland alone is sheer magic! The ambiance, thousands of grown adults in Mickey ears, the simple fact that families are there to have a great time; it all plays into having a fun and playful day. Since we had been there before, we decided to let Zaynab lead most of the day’s activities. There was only one thing I insisted that we take care of before losing ourselves deep into the magic of the park: Her custom, hand cut silhouette.


When I first took my oldest daughter to Disneyland, I pretty much stumbled upon the Silhouette Studio located on Main Street by accident. I was so focused on the castle before me, but somehow was able to peel my eyes away and caught a glimpse of the silhouettes in the window of the shop. I immediately made a bee line over there and went inside. It took a matter of minutes from start to finish. I was in complete awe of the speediness and talent of the cast member. I walked away with a beautiful and sentimental memento to commemorate my daughter’s first Disneyland experience.

When we returned with my second daughter, I took her into the Silhouette Studio as well. It was only obvious that Baby Z would have hers done also. The best part is that the silhouette and frame are pretty inexpensive, it’s about the same price as their Minnie Mouse plush dolls —which they also went home with! They’ll appreciate their silhouettes when they’re older!

  • Best Disney Souvenir

    The Best Disney Souvenir

    Click through to find out why this custom souvenir makes the cut in my opinion as the best take-home memento for Baby.

  • Window Shopping

    Window Shopping

    Just outside of the Silhouette Studio on Main Street in Disneyland. Just a very short wait until our turn to get the most precious souvenir I can take home from Disneyland.

  • Ready For Our Close-Up!

    Ready For Our Close-Up!

    Once we were seated, cast member Bonnie cut to the chase and got snipping. To keep Z (and all other little ones) facing forward, a picture that includes many favorite Disney characters is hung just in front of the chair. Bonnie cuts the silhouette in a matter of seconds. Seriously, less than a minute! She’s incredibly skilled and super friendly.

    Get this, Bonnie is the same cast member that created my two older daughters’ silhouettes! She’s been working there for over 35 years! Amazing.

  • Snip, Snip, Snip

    Snip, Snip, Snip

    With her dainty little scissors, Bonnie creates two identical but mirror image silhouettes. You get to take home both! One for you, one for the grandparents, perhaps? Which set of grandparents is your call!

    If you want to capture the magic of the process, have your camera ready! Like I said, she’s very quick so that you get to move on and enjoy the rest of your day in Disneyland!

  • Perfectly Captured

    Perfectly Captured

    Baby Z was a champ and sat wonderfully during her silhouette. She really made the cast member’s job a breeze.

    I couldn’t wait to see the results!

    Kudos to my little sis for getting this shot!

  • The Gorgeous Result

    The Gorgeous Result

    Ta-Da! Isn’t it beautiful? I love how even though it’s her profile, you can tell the fullness of her cheeks; my favorite feature of Zaynab. And the details in her hair! So wonderful. All framed up in a perfect sized frame featuring hidden Mickeys!

    See, I told you it’s the best souvenir for Baby from Disneyland!

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