Top 5 Potty Training Tips from Moms

We’ve just begun to tiptoe into potty training territory, and I have to say, this has been one of the more daunting experiences in parenting thus far. Bee’s showing all of the signs that she no longer needs diapers (increased interest in the toilet, verbalizing when she needs to use the potty, etc.), but we’ve been on the go this summer, and wrapping my head around the process has been tricky at best.

So, I asked a few seasoned mamas how they tackled potty training their little ones and thought it might be fun to gather them all here for you! Enjoy!


  1. Invest in a potty he/she loves.
    One of the more popular tips I received was to invest in a potty that makes it fun to use a toilet. We’d been using an insert for our own toilet, but Bee would be worlds more excited about her own Minnie version!
  2. Hunker down.
    Potty training takes time and calls for consistency, so many mamas advised us to hunker down for 2-3 days, taking potty breaks in 15 minute increments, then 20 minutes, then 30 minutes, then up to an hour or more. We plan to give this a go in a few weeks when we’re finished traveling, and I’ll certainly keep you posted on our progress!
  3. Embrace rewards.
    From Skittles to stickers, every mama has admitted that rewards worked like a charm. Not interested in offering sugar or toys? Bee LOVES to flush the toilet herself, so each time she successfully uses the toilet, she gets to flush! It’s a free, easy reward that works for us.
  4. Go in the buff.
    Another popular tip I received? Summer is the perfect time to potty train because it’s so easy to run around in the buff, making messy clean-ups much more manageable. So smart!
  5. Transition smoothly.
    Once your child is fairly predictable with her/his potty skills, ensure a smooth transition by putting on their “big kid panties” underneath a diaper or training pants when going out or running errands. They’ll be more likely to feel any accidents and the discomfort will be motivation enough to stick to their new potty routine!

Tell me, are you in the thick of potty training? I’d love to hear how it’s going for you, or if you have any tips to add?

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