My Favorite Moments With My Daughter After Sunset

When the seasons change and fall rolls around, the days get shorter and most of us miss the sunshine. And although I miss those rays of light too, I also happen to love the early sunset. It gives me more quality time with my little ones. We spend more evenings indoors when the sun sets early, and I cherish those moments because I know how quickly the years will go by. Before I know it, the early sunset won’t keep Jada home. She will have plans and I will be left with wonderful memories of what we once did during our special evenings together.

We don’t do anything unusual when it gets dark, but everything we do seems like more fun because it’s dark outside. Our evenings probably consist of the same things you do with your little ones at night. There’s bath time, dinner, playtime, enjoying a few books, lots of laughs, and going to bed. Sure, there are evenings where things don’t go according to plan. Things can’t always go according to plan. It’s totally okay, though, because even those crazy nights end with hugs and kisses, and that’s all we really want – to have our nights end with hugs and kisses.


Lately, I’m never quite sure what Jada will have for dinner because it depends on what she decides to keep on her tray. Sometimes, I am pleasantly surprised because most of the food ends up in (and on) those big cheeks. But it’s not always that easy. I usually find myself on my hands and knees picking up peas and green beans while Jada laughs. Watching mommy pick up her mess just tickles her. Honestly, although I’d prefer the food end up in her round little belly, I get a kick of how she just gets rid of what she doesn’t want. As adults we are always trying to do things to please people, but not my Jada. She’s only eating what she likes and that is that.

Bath time is a daily adventure. We laugh, we splash and we enjoy every minute of it.  I enter the bathroom with a dry outfit on and Jada makes sure that I leave wet, because splashing is her new favorite thing to do (she definitely learned her splashing skills from her older brother). When bath time is over, I chat with Jada while I moisturize her body and get her pajamas on. With her developing vocabulary, every sound she makes gives me the impression that w are engaged in a full blown conversation about what made bath time awesome that night. I love it!

Once she’s clean and fed we just spend the rest of the evening playing and reading until it’s time for bed. In those moments, I realize how much she has grown since the day I gave birth to her. I watch her explore new toys and it amazes. She helps me turn the pages of her books and my heart smiles. Our evening moments are so precious because it’s time we spend together in the comfort of our home – simply enjoying the comfort of our home.

Before I know it, summer will be here. I am certainly not complaining. After a winter filled with snowstorms and a bunch of talk about more than one polar vortex, I am definitely eager to enjoy longer, warmer days. Yet, I must admit, I will miss our extended sunset moments. Sure, we will still eat and bathe when the sun shines for a few extra hours, but I know our routine will change. More time will be spent outside and that gives us less time to snuggle and laugh in her bedroom. I’ll miss all that snuggling. Our sunset moments bring me joy.

All good things come to an end, right? Or maybe they are just replaced with even better things. Yes, I like the sound of that. So as we await all the fun and extra sunshine that summer brings, we are going to keep enjoying our magical (long) evenings together.

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