My Favorite Memories of 2013

2013 has been a truly wonderful year. A year filled with firsts and a year filled with learning who my daughter is as a person. Her little personality is blossoming and changing on a daily basis and her language is just insane. She is constantly chatting us up about some thing or another or running around and singing from room to room, and it fills our days with laughter and joy. With 2014 quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to sit down and look through some of my favorite moments from the past year. It was hard to narrow them down, but there were definitely some that stood out from the rest!

  • My Favorite Memories of 2013

    My Favorite Memories of 2013

    2013 was a good one and here are just a few of my favorite memories experienced with my girl this year…

  • Her first birthday

    Her first birthday

    Fern’s first birthday in January was a great way to kick off 2013. It was her first experience with cake and even though it was a healthy version she loved it so.

  • Watching her learn to walk

    Watching her learn to walk

    Fern has never been cautious, so watching her learn to walk, even though it was a bit scary for me, was inspiring. She plunged in head first (sometimes literally) and before I knew it she was running everywhere!

  • Watching her become my sidekick

    Watching her become my sidekick

    This year with the end of nursing around 17 months, our relationship changed and while I loved it before I love it even more now. Fern has become my little buddy and my sidekick and not just because she “needs” me for food, but because she genuinely wants to be with me. It’s really sweet.

  • Seeing her fierce independent streak

    Seeing her fierce independent streak

    Seeing this girl’s personality develop over the course of the year and watching her turn from a little baby blob into a real little person with thoughts and opinions (oh the opinions!) has been such a joy. Her fierce independent streak, while challenging at times has been one of my favorite things to see.

  • First trip to Disneyland

    First trip to Disneyland

    This is probably (for sure) my most favorite memory of the entire 2013 year. Taking Fern to Disneyland and seeing the magic through her eyes was the best thing I’ve ever experienced. I was skeptical that it would be worth going, because she was still so little, but it was amazing and I will cherish those memories forever.

  • First pigtails

    First pigtails

    Fern’s hair grew a ton this year and while it was still too short for many styles, we had fun experimenting with new dos.

  • Making little friends

    Making little friends

    This year play dates turned from “mom dates” into actual play dates. Fern would get so excited when I would tell her we were going to see friends and seeing her interact with her little buddies and watching friendships blossom was so sweet.

  • First frozen yogurt

    First frozen yogurt

    Fern had her first frozen yogurt experience this year and she’s definitely a fan. I’m pretty sure she would eat it for every meal if she could.

  • First fountain experience

    First fountain experience

    This year could be called “The Year of the Fish” with as much time as we spent in the water. Fern had her first fountain experience and we went to the lake and the swimming pool more times than I can count. This little one loves the water like nothing I’ve seen.

  • Disney World first timers

    Disney World first timers

    This year we also went to Disney World with my parents and we were all first timers. It was so fun seeing Fern enjoy all the magical sights and sounds and meeting Pirate Mickey and Minnie was one of the highlights for sure.

  • These curls

    These curls

    Fern’s hair was pretty straight during her first year of life, but this year the curls just sprouted. My hair was just like that as a kid. I will always remember these sweet curls – even when her hair gets longer and they straighten out.

  • Sweet tooth

    Sweet tooth

    Fern has developed quite the sweet tooth this year and while we definitely limit sweet things, there’s no denying the love she has for them. This was her first time having hot chocolate (mostly milk and a teeny bit of chocolate) and it’s since become a favorite.

  • Her girliness

    Her girliness

    Fern has emerged with quite a girly streak this year. She loves all things pink and sparkly and loves nail polish. This was the first time I ever painted her toe nails. She found my nail polish while I was getting ready in the bathroom one morning and brought it to me saying, “Mama! Pink toe nails!” while pointing emphatically to her feet. Girl knows what she wants, that’s for sure.

  • Her overwhelming love for animals

    Her overwhelming love for animals

    Seeing Fern’s emerging love for animals has been so fun. This is a photo of the first time she rose a horse and actually the first time she’d even seen one up close. She was elated!

  • Becoming urban farmers

    Becoming urban farmers

    This spring we got 18 baby chicks and became full-fledged urban farmers. Fern was really excited about the chicks and requested to go out to visit them multiple times a day to sing them the “pio pio” song and even now she really enjoys them. She loves helping us collect eggs daily.

  • An enchanted adventure

    An enchanted adventure

    Not quite as fancy as Disneyland, but we took our daughter to a local theme park here in Oregon called “Enchanted Forest” and we had a great time. It was fun spending the day as a family and enjoying another “first” with Fern.

  • First time out of the country

    First time out of the country

    Over the summer we took a trip to Canada for a weeklong family camp and it was wonderfully relaxing. We played in the ocean and ate ice cream in the sun every day and it was glorious.

  • Being just like Mama

    Being just like Mama

    Fern turned into a little mini-me this year. She always wants to be doing what I’m doing and she loves to sit with me while I’m doing my make up and put on her “makeup” too. It’s been a good reminder to make sure I’m modeling positive things for her because she’s always watching.

  • Noticing the world

    Noticing the world

    Experiencing a year of Fern learning about the world around her has been such a joy. Her language has just exploded and she is connecting all the dots in her environments. This is from a trip to the zoo where she realized that she and the leopard were matching: “Same same Mama! Leh-pud shoes!” It’s amazing how their little minds work!

  • Disney on Ice

    Disney on Ice

    Many of my favorite moments involved Disney this year, but I can’t help it. There’s just something magical about your children discovering Disney. My parents took us to Disney on Ice and she was completely smitten.

  • Seeing Santa

    Seeing Santa

    Fern loved Santa just as much this year as she did the last and she’s realized who he is now which is fun. Every time she sees that red hat and beard, she shouts, “Santa!” and loves singing “Santa Claus is coming to town” on repeat. The holidays with this girl have been so much fun!


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